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Shipping household goods and furniture can seem overwhelming, for anyone moving overseas. There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing an international moving service. Working with us, we can ease any worries during this process. We work with you and provide a quote based on your specific needs.

Wherever you are moving overseas, the shipping process is relatively similar. Our
representative will work with you through the whole door to door process.


Initial International Moving Advice

Deciding how much you want to move internationally is a crucial step. Once you know your approximate volume, you will have a better understanding of the services needed. It’s one of the more important questions to ask before an international move and it depends on your budget as well as where you will be living abroad.

Each country has their own regulations for Customs Clearance procedures and that will be
shared with you for better understanding and for you to prepare the required documents to clear your shipment at destination port.

Regardless of how much you decide to ship, we offer options for any volume or size move.
Your personal effects and household items will be handled by our team from packing, loading,
and shipping and will be handled by our partners during the clearance and delivery at destination.

How Much Does It Cost to Move Overseas?

After conducting the pre-move survey and getting the approximate volume of your shipment,
you will get a proposal from us. This proposal is to give you a clear picture of the cost and
inclusions, also exclusions. As with any relocation, international moving costs are based on
various factors. These include the type of service, volume of your shipment, origin location,
and destination country.

Type of Services

Are you shipping your low-volume goods and using a shared groupage service or shipping
your high-volume goods inside your own 20ft or 40ft container? Are you choosing a door-todoor service or door to port?

Does the service include destination customs clearance and terminal handling fees? These
questions can cause worries during an already stressful time because not all quotes are
created equal. So, you could end up paying more in hidden fees but with us we will provide a comprehensive proposal without any hidden charges.

We will provide an easy-to-understand proposal in order to make sure there is as much accurate information as possible. Start working with our representative and get your international moving quotation after our pre-move survey.

Our international moving proposals will be presented with transparency for better understanding of the inclusions and exclusions of charges.

Consolidated International Moving

When moving overseas, many people do not have enough goods to fill a whole container. Therefore, we offer consolidated international moving which shares containers between customers. With this type of overseas move, customers only pay for the space they use in the container. Our experience as an international moving company allows us to offer consolidations to countries worldwide and provide the most value for our customer’s goods.

Individual International Moving

We offer a variety of sizes for containers using sole-use international moving. Our most popular are 20 and 40 foot containers which hold 30 and 60 cubic meters respectively. There are benefits such as faster departure and shorter customs clearance procedure at destination. Even without enough to fill a whole container, some will still use their own container due to these benefits.